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Bạn chuyển tới sống nhờ nhà thằng bạn thân nhất của mình, tuy nhiên hắn chỉ đồng ý với điều kiện bạn không được làm gì với em gái dễ thương của nó. Điều này hơi khó vì Leah, em gái của thằng bạn thân lại thích bạn, cô ấy luôn tìm cách nói chuyện với bạn kể cả đó là điều thầm kín của con gái.
Leah phàn nàn vì bộ ngực quá nhỏ với bạn, bạn lại nghịch ngợm mang chiếc đồng hồ bỏ túi mà ông nội để lại cho bạn ra giả vờ thôi miên Leah. Bạn cũng không quên bảo Leah rằng làm như vậy thì ngực của cô sẽ phát triển.
Và ngực Leah đã phình ra.
Và cô ấy cùng không quên đem chuyện này kể cho bạn bè nghe và rồi rất nhiều cô gái xuất hiện muốn bạn giúp đỡ.
Từ đó, tương lai lãng mạn đang đón chờ bạn.

DEVELOPER: Expanding Universe
PUBLISHER: Expanding Universe
RELEASE DATE: 2019-11-3
GENRE:  3DCG, Breast Expansion, Harem, Lactation….



Android v0.97:

[su_spoiler title=”Changelog:” icon=”plus-square-1″ class=”spoiler-mau”]Ep.13b (Beta) v0.9.9
This is the beta version meant for testing and is missing many renders and contains several errors.
It is not meant to be played yet.
This version contains one new h-scene, spanning 12 images and some other character introductions and such. Totally 93 new images.
For Episode 11:
New route added if you tell Laura you love her. The experience is more chill and you can sit down and have a civilized discussion with her.
When you hypnotize Laura on the evil path you have the option to “make her your bitch”. This doesn’t affect anything yet. But kinda fun.
If you call Rachel to save you, you can now choose to stick around to hook up with Daphne.
If you end up still at Laura’s the next day, Brittany is more selective in saving you. She only saves you if she is one of your addicts and she won’t save you if you refused her at the bar, choosing instead to let Laura keep you for a pet so that Brittany can use you at her convenience.
A few scenes and images were changed and updated to fix errors and issues.

For Episode 12:
Since there will be extra time until the next episode of Hypnosis, I made an effort to follow up on certain requests.
You can now cum inside Haley after your date with her (Corben Dallas, your Multi Pass checked out).
After your date with Jenn she now has a distended stomach (Banana Man’s idea).
There is now a quick preview of the next episode which is essentially just the next morning with Ashley (thanks especially to everyone for this idea).
Added an introduction to the game to go over expectations and strategies.
Added a note from the developer to the beginning of Episode 12 where Kassie (the redhead from the cruise ending) goes over details about the Watch Thief arc as well as act as a teaser for Endowed.
Fixed a lot of issues, including the desk animation mentioned and a few other animations and images.
Changed the look of Tiffany, the neighbor you bump into if you aren’t on the evil path (or if you don’t ask out the bartender)[/su_spoiler]

1. Extract/Install.
2. Crack if needed.
3. Play game.
4. Have fun ^^.

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