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prologue, evil has never ruled the world. but, these days, there’s a rumor that, there’s a daikan making mad money
by kidnapping women, turning them into sex toys, and selling them off to Nanban. a huge crime involving other countries, could flip the whole country over.
Kunoichi Kaede received an order. the client is a government officer.
Kaede “I am just a ninja, a disposable blade I’m an arrow, that when once let off, it will never go back to it’s case”
Kunoichi Kaede ran throughout the night city. to kill the evil daikan, and bring back peace to the city and country.
DEVELOPER: Studio Neko Kick
RELEASE DATE: 2020-12-13
Size: PC= 749mb, APK= 178mb
GENRE: 2d game, 2dcg, adventure, censored, fantasy, groping, internal view, japanese game, monster, rape, slave, turn based combat,…
– ✓ = Ok
– ✘ = Cancel or call Menu
– Key = call Cheat




Installation Note:
– Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:
1. Extract/Install.
2. Crack if needed.
3. Play game.
4. Have fun ^^.

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