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Cả nhà quyết định đi du lịch, tuy nhiên cô con gái lại muốn ở nhà. Đó là lý do vì sao cô lại ở nhà một mình vào lúc này, giờ cô đang tìm mọi cách để phục vụ sở thích của một cô gái mới lớn.

  • RELEASE DATE: 2020-05-15
  • DEVELOPER: Auril3D
  • PUBLISHER: Auril3D
  • Size: 4.96gb
  • GENRE: Female Protagonist, 3d game, masturbation, exhibitionism,…

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[su_spoiler title=”Changelog:” icon=”plus-square-1″ class=”spoiler-mau”]v0.09
– Added interior to Justin’s trailer
– Upgraded Justin’s and Albert’s bodies to more beefier ones
– Added new set of clothes for Kira
– “No” option is now available for Alice’s invitation on the morning of day 3.
– Kira vs. uninvited guests
– Peeking on the nerd continued
– VR gaming
Sex sounds are missing, will be added for the next update.

– Added new day and night lighting settings
– Men’s room scene has been enlarged
– Kira receives a second delivery
– Another visit from a nosy neighbour
– Things get frisky after dark in the house next door
– More strange events around the house[/su_spoiler]

PC Note:
– Đọc FAQ trên Menu blog để biết cài đặt. Thông thường người chơi chỉ cần cài đặt theo các bước:
1. Extract/Install.
2. Crack if needed.
3. Play game.
4. Have fun ^^.

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